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Review: Spin

Sometimes Science Fiction is very global and epic, such as Frank Herbert’s “Dune”.  Other times it is very personal like Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”.  Robert Charles Wilson’s “Spin” is both personal and epic.


The premise of this book was that the earth was wrapped in a sphere where time slowed and the stars vanished.  Each day the Earth spun, 100 Million years would go by outside the sphere.

Both the political (how the USA saw the security issue of the “spin”) and personal (3 friends coping with the insanity of the time-warp) was intensely explored in this book, and after some dreadful moments in this book, I was really left with a sense of optimism.


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Gordon is a Consultant, Trainer, CAD/GIS Integration Specialist and Web Mapping Integrator for Arrow Geomatics Inc.

One response to “Review: Spin

  1. Franklin

    Dreadful moments….and then left with a sense of optism…..
    kind of like “Am I going to get this book challenge accomplished?”

    Maybe I will read this one….

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