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Review: Queen of Candesce – Book Two of Virga

Karl Schroeder’s Queen of Candesce is the second in the Virga series and I am very glad of it!

Book Two: Queen Of Candesce

Queen of Candesce

The story continues in the balloon of a planet called Virga.  When we left the last book, “Sun of Suns” we had the 3 main characters shooting off in 3 directions, and the one we thought was in the worst physical condition, Venera Fanning, ends up being the main character of this book.  In fact, the book barely touches on the other two characters.

Venera, a daughter of a King and wife of an Admiral, is by-far the toughest character in the series.  She has constant migraines from a bullet that had lodged in her jaw as a teenager.  These headaches make her strong, fearless, selfish and a lot angry.  She was dreadfully unlikable in the first book, but one really tends to love her by the end of the second book.

I did find the first 100 pages a little dry and not as swash-buckling as I hoped, but the book completely redeemed itself after that part was over, and it did not disappoint in terms of action.

I just discovered that there is a 3rd book in the series, and I am excited about reading it right away!


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