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Review: Sun of Suns – Book One of Virga

Karl Schroeder’s “Sun of Suns: Book One of Virga” was the most fun I have had reading Canadian science fiction!

This book is a combination of Kenneth Oppel’s Airborne! and Frank Herbert’s Dune, with the swashbuckling of the Three musketeers.

I love the premise: A world that is a synthetic balloon filled with breathable air, with tiny synthetic suns (nuclear). Most of the towns are less than a mile-wide and spin to provide the only “gravity”, centripetal force.  There is nothing massive enough to provide gravity.

There are a bunch of fiefdoms battling with zeppelin-like crude wooden ships that battle for tiny floating turf islands to live on.

I really love the swash-buckling and the constant discovery of what is happening on this weird world throughout the book.  I am eager to read the next one to see if there is an  origin story  of how this strange planet came to be.


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