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Review: Starfish

“Starfish” by Peter Watts illustrated a dystopian future and placed it in an underwater setting.


Imagine humans that have been surgically augmented to breathe water, and sustain the pressures deep under the ocean.  Now throw in dysfunctional “damaged” people who do well in isolation and give them jobs to maintain huge geothermal generators to keep the world’s power supply going.

There were a lot of themes in this book and the first half really delved into the life under the ocean and awkward relationships between the people as they lived and worked in the abyss.

The second half was extremely geo-political and was as much a schism in the style and plot of the book as the chasm found at the bottom of the book.  It felt like I was reading two loosely connected short stories.

I liked the writing and the themes.  The story was a little disjointed, but a good read overall.


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