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Review: Wake, Book One of WWW Trilogy

I recieved “Wake” from Robert J. Sawyer in paperback for Christmas and it was finished by boxing day.

Great compelling reading.  I loved that it was unapologetically Canadian, referencing Blackberry, RIM, University of Waterloo and the Perimeter Institute.

The story takes place in the near feature in Waterloo, Ontario and the lead character is a 16-year-old blind girl.  She travels to Japan for an implant for her optic nerve to help her see and simultaneously she begins a connection with an entity that is “born” on the web.

The girl, Caitlin, has moved with her father, an Asbergers who works at PI as a theoretical physicist and her mother, an under-employed PhD in Game Theory.  They land in Canada from Texas, so Sawyer has a great platform to explain Canadianisms and it’s a lot of fun.  Yay Tim Hortons!!

Loved this book, and immediately took out the next book in the Trilogy when the Guelph Public Library opened on the 27th.


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Gordon is a Consultant, Trainer, CAD/GIS Integration Specialist and Web Mapping Integrator for Arrow Geomatics Inc.

One response to “Review: Wake, Book One of WWW Trilogy

  1. andrea ⋅

    I’m going to put this on my reading list now. Thanks.

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