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Review: Callahan’s Con

“Callahan’s Con” by Spider Robinson, published in 2003, is absolutely fun.

This is the first book I have ever read of Spider Robinson’s and I am saddened that I have not read anything by him before.  This book is like a Sci-Fi version of a Terry Pratchett fantasy novel.  Fun with lots of clever puns, double-entendres and cool science fiction.

The book takes place in a little bar in Key West called “The Place”.  It is run in a co-op fashion where the patrons are assumed to put the correct amount of money in the till for what they are drinking.  I guess you can say this is a utopian novel.  🙂

The main character, the bar owner, and his wife have a daughter, who, at age 7 can teleport and has the cumulative knowledge and brain power of the entire internet.  The main storyline is that a huge “hulk-like” gangster is shaking down the bar and the hijinks in trying to stop him.

Loved the book, I think I will have to read a few more of his to keep my spirits up and a smile on my face.

Spider Robinson - 2003


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